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Linny D Vine

Photo de l'artiste Linny D Vine

“Like no other, Linny D Vine combines imagination & expressive brushwork to create a magical world of contemporary nostalgia, ‘Welcome to Linnyland!”

​Linny D Vine’s distinctive contemporary paintings are treasured in Collections throughout the world. Viewers of her work say that they can’t help but smile and Linny’s Collectors claim the evocative paintings not only make a room feel good but the people in it as well. ​

Whether Linny paints en plein air or in studio her imaginative vision, expressive brushwork, and exceptional design skill combine to create Linnyland, a magical world of contemporary nostalgia.

​Linny’s work is often compared to the art of the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, Thomas Hart Benton and Vincent van Gogh, like these historic artists her inspiration begins with the visual world and its patterns of colour and light, yet what distinguishes Linny’s style is her ability to translate these sights and sensations into paintings that dance with a life and joy that is uniquely their own.

Linny has enjoyed numerous solo exhibitions and important group exhibitions in public and private galleries across Canada and the USA. Her work has featured in a variety of magazines and literature and she’s been interviewed about her art for print media and television, plus a wide range of companies and associations license images of Linny’s paintings.

Linny was born the Spring of 1960 in Saskatoon SASK, received her education in Vancouver and Victoria, and since 1992 has lived and worked from her studio on or beside the Salish Sea, first on the Linnyland Floating Flowerpot, now in the Linnyland Sky Castle on Lekwungen Territory near Victoria BC.