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Christian Roy

Passion leads the way!

Leather craftsman, sculptor, woodworker, and 30 years as an artistic director; I have always had a heart for art. Now a painter, I am embarking on this adventure to succeed. Just like water, there is no beginning and no end. Only the joy of mixing colours!

By high school, my creative skills were recognized. As a teenager, I participated in my first exhibitions as a leather goods craftsman. Thanks to this income, I bought my first 35mm camera. From then on, I explored photography. Subsequently, studied Arts in Cegep and received a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at Laval University. Then, I launched my graphic design company “Pur Design”. There I learned rigor, and discovered my skills for balancing the graphic elements of a composition and listening to customers for the sake of efficiency in rendering the message.


Artistic approach

Water, mirror of my soul.

My brushes glide and reveal a work that evokes serenity. An authentic reflection of my seaside observations, a sweet memory of my nine-month sailing trip to the Bahamas. A sharing of my introspection following this decisive navigation.

Painting the sea and sailboats, my freedom!

The blue attracts attention, the subject reveals the purity of emotion, and the subtle details liven up the discussions.

The balance of shapes and colours is the basis of my work. The quality of my compositions has developed throughout my presentations as a graphic designer. Acrylic is the medium I use. The short drying time requires brief and well-controlled interventions. I find this same notion in navigation, where you must think and adapt quickly. My progress in the arts is on a good roll!