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Jean-Claude Poitras

L'artiste Jean-Claude Poitras

Jean-Claude Poitras’ career began in 1972 as a fashion designer. He is recognized as a leader in the Canadian’s fashion. Since 2002, he pursued an exception creative approach, as a multidisciplinary designer, later as art director, and finally as a speaker and columnist.

It was in 2012 to celebrate his 40 years of creations that he revealed his artistic talent and held his first solo exhibition in Montreal. Since then, he has enhanced his fertile ground, exploring watercolour, pastel, China ink laid on rice paper. The elegant works, lush and rich, are produced on paper, canvas, glass, and backlit sculptures in tribute to women’s beauty.

Already in fashion school, Jean-Claude Poitras was beyond the framework imposed by technical drawing; he could not simply replicate what he saw. On paper, he distilled life and emotions of the female models, moved in the same passion in which he then dressed them.

“My artistic approach, in its essence, always wants the celebration of cultures, traditions, the world’s interbreeding. When I create forms, I feel like a sculptor. When I harmonize colours and materials, I feel like a painter. When I play with silhouettes and themes, I feel like an actor. The career of an artist that I have under my skin, will allow me to keep on creating as long as there will be between design, you, and me… a certain accomplice look.”- Jean-Claude Poitras

An incomparable timeless signature and recognizable of all, the world of Poitras is wide. Discover a universe that is deploying endlessly…