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Lise Montigny

L'artiste Lise Montigny

Lise Montigny was born in 1956 in Granby. From a young age, Lise Montigny showed great interest in the arts. However, it’s at the age of fourteen that the little girl’s passion emerges in a more assured artistic future.

In fact, after seeing a painting course announcement given by the Famous Artists School, Lise Montigny started her studies there. Always hungry for knowledge, she decided to continue her studies in CEGEP in spatial and pictorial organization in addition to following courses in Aesthetic Presentation. She completed her display of artistic knowledge with oil painting classes under the direction of Pierre Léon Rivard, and watercolour classes with Nicole Foreman. She paints landscapes, but much prefers to exhibit her creativity with characters.

The aesthetic pursuit in Lise Montigny’s art is constantly evolving. Through the years, she has acquired a comprehensive understanding of the products and media that artists use. A pendant becomes a tiara, a belt, the hem of a dress, nothing stands in the way of her overflowing imagination. For Lise Montigny, a colour, a piece of lace is enough to trigger her creative energy. Her rich and reflective colour palette mixes in with the textures and jewellery in a way that brings to mind the creativeness of the fashion designers of yesteryears as well as of today, such as Givenchy, Dior, Chanel, St-Laurent, and others. Her work is timeless, her beautifully attired figures pose for posterity….

The paintings of Lise Montigny are in private collections in Canada, the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia.