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Serge Démétrius Dubé

L'artiste Serge D. Dubé

Serge Démétrius Dubé was born in Montreal in 1958. He started painting professionally in 1982, experimenting with different mediums like watercolour, oil and acrylic.

Being a self-taught artist, he enjoys exploring different art imagery ranging from realism to surrealism, impressionism, and expressionism.

Over the past decade, he has had great success developing his own acrylic technique using bold colours, active lines and fluid movement. This unique style draws the viewer in to experience a whole new level of emotional response to an art object.

Serge D. Dubé’s extensive body of work and long career as an artist have caught the eyes of galleries and collectors worldwide. He has dedicated his life to the exploration of the 4th dimension of the mind. Mr. Dubé offers a new experience to the viewer through the use of colour, movement and creativity.