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Sylvie Dagenais

L'artiste Sylvie Dagenais

Born in Montreal, Sylvie Dagnais (formerly known as Sylvia Dilore and Solo) has  travelled the world, building a collection of shapes, hues and images that inspire her to this day. Advocating rigour, reflection and research, for Sylvia art and the individual are related, as they develop together.

Sylvia began her career as a member of the Triad collective. Together, they published Une chance qu’on s’a, an illustrated book in which the words of Jean-Pierre Ferland mingle with the images of the Triad artists. A portion of the sales were donated to charitable causes.

Sylvia creates from her memories. She draws inspiration from her imagination, which is unique to her universe. With her hands, she works the colours and tonalities that are inspired by organic as well as mineral matter. The combination is a decidedly contemporary ensemble. The balance between figurative and non-figurative in her works rests on three formal principles: oversizing, the use of geometry and the reshaping of colours. Sylvie views creation as a work of both body and spirit. She lets the images flow from her subconscious to settle on the canvas, guiding her toward the story she wants to tell.

In its sense, the creation of a pictorial work relates to the composition of a musical piece. Sylvia disrupts the observer with a melody of colours and techniques, taking them on a voyage from one story to another. Shaking up our perceptions, leading us to introspection, changing the way we look at the world and people; Sylvie paints raw emotion, then shares it with sincerity.

She holds a B.B.A. from École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC), an advanced training course at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (ENSBA). Studies at the Art School, Boca Raton Museum of Art, numerous workshops and courses (drawing, ceramics, sculpture and painting) throughout the world, in Japan and Brazil and a Master of Fine Arts (California) are heightening her art and style.