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L'artiste Dage

Her art is an expression of life. Each stroke of paint laid on the canvas is a mixture of inspiration, intention and emotions that join the vagaries of life to create vibrant works full of energy and feelings.

Her technique requires that she let go of reaching perfection. She does not paint with a brush or a spatula, both of which would offer her too much control over the outcome. She paints with a stick from which she let the paint drip onto the canvas. At this point, she cannot predict exactly how the paint will land on the canvas or even how it will behave with the other colours. She deals with the results from creating a work that is the expression of the original intention. And it is the power of intent that gives meaning to her movements. Just as in life, the end result is a combination of original intent and a series of unpredictable and uncontrollable events. Just as in life, she learns to deal with these risks and make the best out of them.

She calls her technique Intentional Dripping.

Her work is intended to be an amalgamation of emotion and energy. Through her gesture, she transfers her own emotions, her energy. Each stroke of paint is deliberately projected onto the canvas to amplify this energy.

Her subjects are also chosen for the life and the energy that she feels from them. Sometimes subtle, sometimes almost touchable, the energy that emanates from her work is the real meaning of her creation.

There is also the visual aspect of her paintings. Obviously figurative, her work when viewed from closer becomes more abstract. It’s a whole different world that is revealed to us. The observer can then distinguish colours and lines. The dynamics curved lines that make the artwork guide our gaze. The whole becomes completely abstract, the subject doesn’t matter anymore, only the vibration of colours and movements count.

In every painting, you will notice a very strong stroke. It is with this stroke charged with a lot of energy and emotion that she completes every painting. At this point, she truly gives up any form of control and she let the painting speaks for itself.