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Mary Johnston

The soft breeze, a magnificent sky, the cool water……All elements that drive my creativity along with a light touch of the paintbrush, feeling of peace and sense of place. As a child of the Great Lakes, I grew up with a landscape of water, woods, rocks and a sense that everything around us is so much larger and more mysterious than we will ever comprehend. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Duluth, I spent many years working in the graphic arts and faux painting fields. Most of my professional training was in watercolor art! I started my art career in my early 30’s selling watercolor botanical & landscape works at small craft fairs. A move with our family to Indiana in 2003 changed everything and I found myself working in oils and diving into the creative process of making art for both residential & commercial clients who loved my colorful, yet serene works. At present, I have work in the collections of many private residences, corporations & medical facilities all over the US and parts of the world. This includes the Mayo hospitals in Rochester, MN & Jacksonville, FL, St. Jude’s educational center in Memphis and many, many others. I treasure the time I spend in Northern Minnesota and at our cabin in Wisconsin, being with family and friends and continuing to explore this amazing part of our world. The large sky vistas of my current residence in Indiana and extensive travels to the Western US & Canada bring the beautiful clouds and endless horizon to my work.