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Marie-Claude Goulet

L'artiste Marie-Claude Goulet

She paints fanciful birds and animals, created directly from her imagination. Marie-Claude Goulet is a self-taught emerging artist who began her artistic journey 2 years ago, at the age of 49, when the sudden onset of persistent migraines leads her to reach for a paintbrush.  Until then, she had been a career lawyer.

As a child and as a young adult, she received many prizes for her writing abilities, and she loved inventing children’s tales, featuring animals.  It was through painting  that she reconnected with her creative nature.  She now tells stories through the unique and different personalities of her distinctive creatures, who star in her artworks.

At this early stage of her new career, she is already represented by an art gallery in her hometown, alongside established Canadian artists.  In 2019, her first solo exhibition entitled “The brain that heals itself” was a success.  She has her own style, and she translates her resilient and positive spirit in her art.  She is eager to always learn and evolve, as she is determined to take the next steps to succeed in making her place in the art world.


“The animal world, from the bottom of the sea to the sky, has always inspired me with fantastic stories. 

Coming from my imagination, the animals that I paint are not limited by illness or normality. They symbolize, for me, the acceptance of difference, authenticity and individuality.  In an even more intimate way, they pay tribute to the uniqueness and sensitivity shared by my two sons (the elder is autistic, the other is an artist, Deso).  Their individuality and the difference of my autistic young man inspire me deeply.  

 Very recently, it is the heron that inspires me, this seabird that spreads its large wings over my city, but also throughout the Americas, and Europe. I want to show it in my own way and in all its forms, whether noble or disheveled, wise or eccentric.

 My works are made in a joyous spirit, and my technical approach is stimulated by discovery and openness. I let the medium speak, without always wanting to control it, so that I can welcome some effects, thus giving free rein to the imperfection, to the freedom of the work, and to my own evolution as an artist.   I paint in a gestural, expressive way, mostly with the spatula, as well as the brush, and spray paint. To highlight some character traits, I like to play with textures, colors, iridescent accents and metallic flakes.

My role is to reveal and celebrate the personality of my creatures.  My goal is ultimately for them to  comfort, to amuse, to accompany, to touch.  In that way, I believe that my art can have a positive, soothing effect on others, like it certainly has on me.”