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Photo de l'artiste GalarnO

Daniel Galarneau was born in 1979 and grew up on the north shore of Montreal. Even as a child, drawing took a lot of time in his daily life. His soul is already artistic, like many in his family, he saw his mother and grandmother paint. Art has always been a part of him. Listening to it, looking at it, tasting it, art touches all the senses.

He studied engineering and worked as a city manager for 30 years where he found a passion for helping others. In 2022, he leaves that world to serve life in another way, with his creativity and his art.

Self-taught artist, he reconnected with creativity 5 years ago. Initiated to paint by two wonderful artist friends, he felt very inspired and started to paint with acrylic. For four years, he has been discovering the digital art world and printing his work on canvas. From his fingers and his screen, his imagination takes shape, colour and life, following the emotion of the moment. His art, inspired by mankind, often, the small thread, the link between the heart and the mouth, in-between us or between two or more people. The thread of accuracy, speech, look, of movements, leading to kindness.

Today, he is the “Sower of kindness” through his work and his words, under the signature GalarnO. Because sowing kindness is the best way to reap it.