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Michel Blouin

Michel Blouin is a self-taught artist born on the Ile d’Orléans, Québec, from a musician mother and a baker father. At a young age, he starts writing poetry. His first book of poetry, “Survivant de la pleine lune”, is published in 1999, followed by “J’écris ciel comme sang” published in 2007. He actively participates in numerous poetry recitals throughout Québec. 

From poetry to colours: It was in his forties that Blouin starts painting frenetically, as if all his colours were searching for light. It is what is going to be his light, his dialogue with the Other. For him, art can make the world more beautiful.

Constantly questioning himself, Michel Blouin has an abundant and varied production. Of an independent nature, he channels this freedom of thought inside each of his paintings. For him, colours are emotions and shapes are symbols carrying different messages. His vision is without constraints and he organizes it using a complex poetic language.

With his painting, he expresses the strength of life and the multiple facets of its beauty, depicting philosophical and psychological themes with figures inspired by nature and the animal kingdom, as well as characters who speak directly to the soul. From joy to melancholy, the feelings and ideas coexist without any taboo and create an intimate relationship with the spectator. His paintings are an invitation to dream and to contemplate, in which everyone can find new meanings, universal or intimate.