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Yves Desgagnés

L'artiste Yves Desgagnés

« What we loved, desired, dreamed of in our childhood stays with us forever throughout our lives. »

Before the theatre there was painting.

At 13 years old, it was clear: I would become a painter. But as a teenager, an audition at l’École Nationale de théâtre came to change my destiny. Although, even there, it was my love of painting that guided me towards the scene: sets, costumes, characters, lights; I could finally create pieces.

After almost 30 years without touching a brush, and since this life has a deadline, I decided to follow through on my childhood dream.

Therefore, with pleasure and excitement, I offered, in 2021, my very first eclectic exhibition, titled Mise à l’eau, inspired in part by this maritime life that rocked my childhood.