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Sylvie Champoux

Sylvie Champoux knows how to bring life to the animals in her paintings.

Her style brings a smile to people looking at her cows wearing glasses. Her love for animals is clearly felt through her brush strokes, and it brings beauty to her art. As a child, her dream was to have a wild animal as a pet, preferably a wolf. Although she did not realize her dream, she has now transposed it to her paintings. This is how she got the idea to draw animals during her childhood. Observing animals and being inspired by them is now enough for her to recreate them.

After developing her drawing skills, she learned ceramic and painting. Animal art workshops helped her conciliate her two passions: her love of animals and artistic writing. This was a changing moment for her. Her creative quest led her to a variety of mixed techniques. At that moment, her work became in complete opposition to the naturalistic style. Her contemporary work now presents expressive animals. She is perpetually looking for novelty. Her curiosity brings her to explore different techniques which will contribute to her creative expression.